Affiliate program

Earn commission for talking about Dataddo to your audience!


About the program

Our Affiliate Program is made for bloggers, review sites, and other content creators who want to monetize their content by spreading the word for better data management. 

* If you’re a reseller, system integrator, or digital marketing agency who sees potential in promoting and selling Dataddo, our Consultant partner program might be a better fit for you.

Program details

We offer free marketing assets such as demo videos, banners, and copy examples to help you earn the highest commission possible.

Commission Type: Pay-Per-Sale, 20% recurring commission for every subscription sale you deliver. The Time cap for each commission is 12 months. Payments are made on the 10th day of each month for the previous month.


How to start

Sign up for the platform

Fill in your information on our signup page to receive an activation email.

Activate your Dataddo account

Follow the link in the activation email to finish creating your account.

Set up your billing profile.

We pay your commission through the billing profile, so be sure to complete it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an affiliate tracking cookie last?

Our tracking cookies last 30 days, meaning that if a visitor clicks on the affiliate link from your site, you will be credited with the referral as long as the visitor signs up for a free trial within 30 days.

Do you provide banners?

Yes, at the moment we provide banners in English.

How are sales tracked from my site?

Once you complete the signup process, you will be given a unique referral code as well as custom-formatted links that will ensure that traffic coming from your site is properly tracked. We maintain a 30-day cookie, meaning that if a visitor clicks on a link from your site, you are credited with the sale as long as the visitor purchases within 30 days.

What are the payment options for affiliates?

Paypal (or Stripe)  is our primary payout option for affiliate commissions. However, if you are planning on generating a large volume of sales, a wire transfer can also be arranged. 

What commissions do you offer?

We offer 20% recurring commissions for any subscription sales made by your referrals as a result of using your affiliate link.

Do I have to be a Dataddo customer to participate?

Nope! You only need to create a Dataddo account, from where you’ll find your referral link. 

How much does it cost to sign up?

Participation in our affiliate program is completely FREE.

Where can I reach out if my question wasn't answered here?

We are happy to answer any of your questions. You can always contact us here or by clicking on the Help icon in your account.