Referral program

Do you want to tell your friends and colleagues about Dataddo? Get discounts by helping us expand the Dataddo community!


Is it right for you?

The ReferraI Program is the ideal channel for:

  • Sales partners who are also resellers
  • Consultants and tech companies who see potential in promoting and selling the Dataddo platform in large volumes
  • Current Dataddo customers

The program is not for tech agencies which can help with product setup. In this case, see our Technology Partner Program.

If you’re an individual, freelancer, or agency who plans to promote Dataddo through content creation, see our Affiliate Program.


How it works

Refer friends/other businesses to sign up for Dataddo to earn credit towards a paid subscription. 

As a Dataddo customer: 

  • You get $100 for every new paying customer who signs up through your unique referral link. 
  • This commission will be transformed into a credit towards your monthly invoice.

As an external sales partner

  • If you are interested in selling Dataddo as an external Sales partner in large volumes, please contact us here

When a customer you refer stays with Dataddo for 3 months, we will then apply the commission to your account.


How to start

Sign up for the platform

Fill in your information on our signup page to receive an activation email.

Activate your Dataddo account

Follow the link in the activation email to finish creating your account.

Set up your billing profile

We pay your commission through the billing profile, so be sure to complete it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track the status of my referrals?
Track your referrals through your profile on the Dataddo platform. In the top right corner of the platform, click your organization name to access Your Profile, then navigate to Referral Program >> Your referrals.
If one of my referrals signs up for Dataddo, when will I receive my commission?

If your referral subscribes to a Dataddo plan and stays on for 3 months, you will receive the commission on your user profile as soon as those 3 months are completed.

Will my referral receive a commission too?

No, only the person who sends the invitation can receive the commission.

My referral forgot to use my referral link. Is there a way to track it back to my account?

Unfortunately, we can't track referrals back to your account if they didn't use your referral link. 

Where can I reach out if my question wasn't answered here?

We are happy to answer any of your questions. You can always contact us here or by clicking on the Help icon in your account.